Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mventures: The Dessert Museum

It's been way too long since my last Mventures! So the moment I found out I'll have quite a long vacation - February 15-18 - I really had to book my weekend for some amazing adventure at The Dessert Museum and as you guys who follow my social media might already know, Inflatable Island

The almost 2-hour journey inside the Dessert Museum was sweet and scrumptious. Every room is filled with Instagrammable spots with a bonus of delicious treats according to its theme. Tickets are sold at Php 699 for online booking and Php 799 for walk-ins. It's best to book online as there are limited slots per schedule! Book here.

Pro tip: Bring water with you. All the sweetness would really tire your throat and make you thirsty. Although they sell water inside the museum, it costs Php 35.00 so being the #Affordahaul queen that I am I was pretty proud of myself for bringing water with me!

How to get there from Victory Liner Pasay:

I don't feel comfortable taking a normal cab or the bus so just like every Mventures in Manila, it's either GrabShare or UberPool. The trip takes around 13-20 minutes depending on the traffic. The Dessert Museum is located at Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex. You'll definitely see their souvenir shop (which also appears to be the last stop!) once you reach the front of the hotel. The main entrance for the museum is just on the ground floor, on your left when you pass through the entrance.

Before I finally show you the photos we took at the museum, I apologize for the low resolutions you'll be seeing ☹ I made a stupid move of resizing the photos so it would be faster to upload on my drive forgetting that this will lower the quality. Sorry! and Sorry, Tallulah!! You took amazing photos, I swear!

This was a fake door...

Once you get to the reception, you will be greeted by their very accommodating staff who will verify your reservation tickets and will give you a blue bracelet slash band thingy which you need in order to avail of the treats in each room. Since the treats are limited, you would have to have your band scanned first before getting one treat. Bands are surrendered at the souvenir shop.

Donuts (be afraid, I am with you)

Why are there no free donuts?


Loving 'em marshmellows

Candy Cane (this be love?)

Definitely, nice πŸ˜‰

Pretty good at jumping. Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Fav shot of them all!!

In between

Ice cream, You scream!

I honestly didn't like this room, there are a thousand more ways to illustrate ice cream rather than just piling up balloons that doesn't even look as cute as the other rooms. 😟 The flavors of their ice cream were great though! I like that they did not settle with the usual ice cream flavors - I got corn while Phylein got fruit salad. Both have real corn, and fruit bits! 


Second least favorite. The bubble gum machine was so enormous that the room was too crowded. Only a few people are allowed to get in the machine so others are left standing on the sides to wait for their turn or to wait for the next room to open up. There were no bubble gum treats as well. πŸ˜Ÿ

If you Gummy bears my lover


Jumping Skills Level 1000+, Exhibit C.

Looks good... check the vlog for the BTS!! πŸ˜‚

This room was the most colorful and has the most IG-worthy spots! They have a mini trampoline, bath tubs of treats, big-ass bears, and balloons all over the place. 

Cotton candy (Pangilinan... - Phylein)

 The sweetest smelling room award! It has a humidifier that I bet has a cotton candy scent, definitely made me want to buy one for home!

Cake Pops

wa-poise pose, too bad there's no BTS for this one! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Check out Phylein's shooting skills at the end of this post!

Free cake pops!

OOTD opportunity: Dress - GTW SM Dept Store Php 349.00 (it was 50% off!), Shoes - Sperry

Overall TDM experience

πŸ‘πŸ» IG worthy rooms! 
πŸ‘πŸ» Was really mouth watering, no doubt, you'll start to wish everything is edible
πŸ‘πŸ» For anyone who loves to take pictures
πŸ‘πŸ» Tour guides were kind enough to take pics of us and look after our stuff

πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Wish they're happier, more cheerful, and are able to interact with the guests though
πŸ‘ŽπŸ»  Too costly, even with the online discount. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ
πŸ‘ŽπŸ» Sweet samples are literally s a m p l e s. I wish they can add more treats!

πŸ¦„ 6/10. We had so much fun taking pictures, vlogging, and just being our goofy selves. πŸŒˆπŸ‘―

To cap off this post, watch the video below as Puy x Gaux tries to vlog!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Sunday Currently Vol.1

Photo by Phylein - Canon AE-1

To end all the laziness and delays in my plans for MTU, let's start with joining the bandwagon, The Sunday Currently every - well - Sunday from now on. I made a pretty tough and "life-changing" decision recently which led me to having a lot of idle time in the coming weeks so while waiting for my busy life to get back to me, I've already laid plans for the blog, which I hope I can really really really make happen. I know I owe you my Mventures during my Chinese New Year vacay, I swear they're on the process and will be up this week and next week, so tune in my social media accounts for updates! 

Alright, without further ado, let's get into my Sunday!

Haven't really been reading for years, except when it is required by school or by work. I had a chance to grab a copy of the The Secret of Middle Children which I've been wanting to have since 2011, started reading the moment I bought it but haven't finished it yet til now. I should but I still have a lot of DIY books, and online courses to study as I wish to pursue other projects aside from my day-job.

To Korina Sanchez talk about other topics aside from ghosts and mythical creatures.

This blog to make up for failing my promise of blogging regularly this year.

Of what passion project should I do first. Why do I want to do a lot of things all at once??

The cream I had to put on thrice a day on my arms because of my recurring skin asthma.

I can finally figure out what I wanna be.

For happy things, always.

A green tank top, and my Ate's green polka-dotted shorts. (oops!) I think I was inspired by the green lady I watched on Facebook yesterday. I've always associated green with phlegm or barf (sorry, gross) and never as a happy and refreshing color til I watched this lady go about her life with everything g r e e n. What a breath of fresh air!

My long and shaped nails painted with my favorite polish - Pussy Red. I just watched Anne Clutz's vlog yesterday applying her press-on nail extensions and I want to give it a try but (!) not on the priority list. #SaveUp2018 #Invest2018

a colorful palette and give eye make-up another try. I've also wanted to buy Belo's BB Cream Tinted Sunscreen since it was released in the market. Skincare over make-up gurrrrl!

The answer to my prayer. Lord, give me strength and patience and happiness.

Itchy. My allergic rhinitis and skin asthma acting up all at once.

The clips from our Inflatable Island trip which I've been uploading to my drive for almost 24 hours already. I'm 5% regretting why I sacrificed a fast laptop for a purple, basic one, but don't get me wrong Violet, I love you lots!

Keep Shining,

Friday, January 12, 2018

A 20-something's Affordable Skincare


Ever since I graduated from college, I started to dread early meetings and shifts. My 8 am classes are a horror as I have to be up by 5 to take a bath, do a bit of skincare, make-up, dress up, conquer the traffic of Botanical Garden-Teacher's Camp-Leonard Wood Rd, and arrive just in time at the office. As confident as I am in posting just-woke-up and no make-up selfies in my social media accounts, most of the time I also go to work with my bare face on. Putting no make-up saves me a lot of time, so it worked for a while. I didn't care so much until I started to have annoying pimples which are worse than regular pimples! I rarely have acne but when I do, it's big and "agaw eksena".

December of last year was when I had 2 big pimples on my face, one on my chin and the week after, another just above my left eyebrow.  Each pimple took too long to dry up and heal. I think I had them on my face for 2 weeks each. Aside from they look damn horrible, they also hurt as hell. That's when I realized I have to update my skincare routine. The busy lifestyle caught up with me that I only do the first 3 steps of my routine and skip the rest (sometimes I just cleanse, and that's it. Oops). I guess my #NeverAgainDecember experience taught me to value and care for my skin. Not only was I concerned with having acne, but I also want to maintain a clear, fresh, and young looking face despite the stresses of work and adulting.

So here's the post I've been planning for months! I was actually planning to end my blogging career (that's another story) but I've seen tweets and posts lately about my friends having skincare troubles so I thought this might help. Also, shout out to my friends who I promised I'll share my skincare routine to, it's finally here! Read on for affordable skincare products that worked wonders on my face.

P.S It is important to know what your skin type is first before completing your skincare routine. As for me, I have combination of normal to dry skin so this products work for me. I tend to have dry patches around my eyes and my forehead whenever the weather's too cold. I never had a dermatologist check my face or even have a professional facial as I'm afraid having my face picked, pricked, or "touched" will "curse" my skin. In Filipino, the concept of "baka mabati". πŸ˜†

On to the Skincare!

1. Cleanse

After a long day, I take my make-up off with a regular cleanser - Maxipeel Facial Cleanser in Classic does the job really well. For my eye make-up, especially for waterproof mascara, I use the Clinique Take the Day Off Make-up Remover. I do not use the Maxipeel cleanser on my eyes and lips as the formula is too harsh and it stings when applied to those areas. Clinique can be really expensive so I found a DIY formula for that. Tune in for my next blog post! If I have no DIY make-up remover left, I settle with using sunflower oil or coconut oil for my eyes and lips. 

🌻 Sunflower oil also lightens dark spots and scars.

Next, I head over to the bathroom and wash my face with my trusted facial wash. Trusted products are: Maxipeel, St. Ives, Nivea, Johnson's Baby Soap, or Cetaphil. Johnson's Baby Soap and Cetaphil are very mild products so they're quite good for keeping your face clean and baby-skin! For when I have acne, I found the Belo AcnePro Pimple Fighting Bar quite effective. Phylein also uses this and it really cleared up her face! It's good to use the whole Belo AcnePro Pimple Treatment System which includes a toner and a pimple gel for treating your pimples.

❗ Remember the ever so famous beauty tip for washing your face: Wash with lukewarm water to open your pores, next is soap/facial wash, then wash it off with cold water to close the pores. I think I started to have pimples when I'm too lazy to heat up water for my face, especially that Baguio City water is always always ice cold.  

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull and dry. Dead skin cells can also cause oilyness and clogged pores which in turn can cause acne. No we don't want that, do we? I only exfoliate twice or thrice a month as I've observed that I tend to break out if I do more. I use Maxipeel's Exfoliant Scrub or St. Ives' and Nivea's exfoliant variant. I also tried the Miniso Spring Snow Facial Cleansing Mousse but I only use it after putting on a full face make-up as it kind of stings on my face. I love the brush that comes with it! I could use it to exfoliate and massage my face even with a different product. 

3. Tone

Incorporating toner in your skincare routine is important as it helps close and shrink pores while also restoring your skin's pH balance. It also refreshes your skin from all the oil and dirt! I love using Ponds or any other local brand as its cheap but works well. My skin is in between low and high maintenance, it can be sensitive with the weather and different chemical ingredients but it's fine with drugstore brands. Saves me a lot!! πŸ’° We ran out of the Belo AcnePro Toner and it was sold out everywhere when I was having my 2 major pimples, that's when I discovered this new alternative I am loving at the moment, the Ovale Facial Toner with Aloe Vera essence. This also comes in other variants.

4. Moisturize

Top 3 steps of skincare that I should never miss every morning and every night: Cleanse, Tone, and MOISTURIZE. Have you ever had that feeling where you just got out of bath, and your face feels parched and stiff that a single movement of your face can wrinkle the whole of it? That's because your face lacks moisture! Moisturizing reduces dryness of my face especially that I am currently living and working here in Baguio City. It also helps conceal blemishes and fight wrinkles. For daily use, one of my holy grail products: the iWhite Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita. This is quite cheap: Php 120 for 80 ml and Php 20 for 6 ml. I've seen a lot of beauty YouTubers using the same moisturizer so you better try it too! πŸ’§ When I have extra time at night, I put on aloe vera gel on my face. One of the famous variants of this come from Nature Republic but mine's from Mumuso which is just a hundred pesos. 

5. Mask

For nights where I feel stressed and tired, I end it with a good mask while watching Netflix. (I am currently hooked with Sense 8. Yep, it's a bit late...). When it comes to masks, I choose from Innisfree, Skinfood, or any face mask that looks cute and promising at Watsons. What I hate about face masks though is that they are all too big for my face so there's always an extra patch under my chin that sometimes even drip down my neck u g h. I don't like using peel off masks though as it hurts so much and I feel like it's not pampering my face but stressing it even more. The only mask I was ever perfectly happy with was a yogurt mask I got from Watsons, I think it was from Purederm. So when I got freebies from Vedette, I was so excited to try their clay masks - that way I won't have to hate the big mask and peeling off process. It was great and works well like a regular face mask! The only downside is that it's difficult to wash off.  

πŸ’‘ For my evening skincare, I usually end it with castor oil on my lashes to pamper them after using waterproof mascara all the time. Castor Oil helps grow and thicken lashes. It also protects the lashes from breaking.

This has been quite a lengthy post but I hope you picked up a lot from my very affordable skincare routine.

Here's an infographic you can use as guide when you shop for your skincare. πŸ’œ

The only thing lacking with my routine is a facial essence or a serum and an eye cream. What would you recommend? 🌈