Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mventures: Ball Pit Manila

I took a little side trip to Ball Pit Manila when I went to the Upside Down Museum (sorry Mama). It was only about 15 minutes away and would I waste the once in a blue moon chance to travel to Manila? Nope, of course.

How to get there from the Upside Down Museum:
1. Take a cab. 😁 I was all cabs during my stay. I wasn't very familiar with the jeepneys' routes. 
My GrabShare cost around Php80-90 only. 
2. Ball Pit Manila is located at 2nd Flr, Campos Rueda Building, 101 Urban Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

Entrance Fee: 
Book online: Php 299 + 1 free drink
Walk in: Php 325
Business Hours: Weekdays 11 am - 5 pm
Requirement! Clean socks

Be sure to book your appointment ahead of time because this place is always full plus + you'll get to save 8% and will get a free drink of your choice!

On to the childhood reminiscing!! When I was a kid, we used to go to this McDonald's branch in La Union where they have a play area and a little dome filled with balls. Me and my sister would spend hours there, we won't even want to eat. Other kids will jump and crash with us deep down the pile of plastic balls. It was always a fun place to look forward to until they had a renovation and got rid of it. I don't think any fast food restaurant has that play area anymore since there are a lot of play areas available in malls. My baby sister's favorite? Playmates and Kid Zania. 

They have mats and pillows for guests who wish to hang out and rest from the ball pit. They also have cards and other games to play with! 

Aside from the walk-in customers and booked ones, they also cater to team buildings, pre-nuptial and other photoshoots, and parties. Whatever gimik that is, they can make you unleash your (wild) child side!

This play pen has a whooping number of 8,000 balls inside!
 The child in me is pumped up...(and the adult in me is relaxed). A perfect way to reminisce my childhood indeed. I know my Ate will be thrilled to be here!

Buttercup had playtime too! 

I would forever cherish this quick get-aways from when you can't figure your life out. For a very long time, I've been yes and no and yes no to different things I need to decide on and want to achieve. I've been feeling really better lately, thinking that everything is falling into its right place. I landed a job which I love so much, got back to my Baguio love, and have exciting things happening on Margaux the Unicorn! (Watch out for my life update!)

Thank you Ball Pit Manila! It was both a relaxing and fun adventure! 'Til more Mventures with you!

Book your adventure now at the 
biggest ball pit for adults in the PH! 🌈

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mventures: Upside Down Museum

How to get there from Baguio:
1. Ride a Victory Liner, Genesis, or Joy Bus bus going to Pasay. The fare would cost about Php 450.
2. From the Pasay terminal, you can take a cab or book Grab. We booked a GrabShare which cost us Php 108 from Victory Liner Pasay Terminal to Upside Down Museum. It took around 20 minutes.
*pro tip: You can link your visa card for payment!
3. The museum is quite near to the then Boom Boom grounds and is just beside Star City. When you're riding the Ferris wheel outside, you'll definitely see the museum just below you. (yes take that side trip!)

Entrance Fee: Php 500
Open at: Tuesday-Sunday 11 am - 9 pm, Holidays


It was raining when we got there. When we thought we could wander around the streets of Manila and savor the sunlight! Total bummer! When I got inside, their front desk staff were very friendly and welcoming. They have a staff to assist you throughout your stay in the museum. I forgot to ask my guide's name but he was really helpful and patient with suggesting poses and taking pictures. 

My stay was quite fun and a bit tiring since it was a little bit hot. I don't know if I was just used to the cold weather of Baguio or their air conditioning is low. Nevertheless, I came for their set-ups and they didn't disappoint! They were are all amazing and brilliant. I was always in awe whenever Kuya shows me the pictures he's taken (and he's kind enough to rotate it for me already). See for yourself in the pictures below! Thank you so much Upside Down Museum for inviting me! 

Peaches, baby

Sun's out in Sahara

I was levitating!

And doing some floor tricks...

Always falling in love with the city, always coming back to my first love 🌄

Me as a wife in the future: Breakfast is served!

No household help, no problem


Your office mama, with class. Stress ain't gonna bring me down.

Photobooth Sesh

Where's the cops?

That's it for today's ep of Mventures! You guys should visit them and have your world turned literally upside down! 🌈

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Upcoming Mventures: Asia Digital Marketing's Travelooza

3rd Asia Digital Marketing Expo presents TRAVELOOZA- Theme Parks, Zoos, Hospitality, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Resorts, Hotels.

We are inviting everyone to join us in the 1st and only event for the whole Tourism Industry with various activities that’s just focus on promoting the Philippines as the premier travel destination. This is the first time that different companies (B2B) will present on stage about their packages, incentives, awards and raffle to 1000 travel agencies and tour operators as audience.

There will be expert speakers also who will talk about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce and Facebook Marketing. Learn from them this time.
We would like to acknowledge the help of the travel operators and travel agencies sectors in promoting the Philippines as the premier destinations in the world by giving certificates, awards and lots of raffle prizes. We will have lots of presentations also and music from our favorite entertainers while doing business networking and gaining connections during the event. We are expecting 1000 attendees during the event and 100 exhibitors.

Date: September 28, 2017
Venue: Makati Sports Club, Bel Air, Makati
Time: 9AM-5PM

To register, please deposit Php 500 per pax to BPI Checking 1680 0010 29 (includes lunch, flowing coffee and certificates).

For Sponsorship or exhibition booth/table- events@travelooza.asia, 09166299381 or (02) 9170213.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Find Your HappyNest and the Modern Day Heroes Promo

Zoomanity Group launched its newest slogan- Find Your HappyNest and coincide to this is a promo (Buy 1 Take 1) from August 15, 2017 to August 30, 2017 to celebrate the National Heroes Day in the Philippines that will happen on Monday, August 28, 2017. 

These heroes are the men and women in Philippine history whose acts of courage enabled the Philippines to grow as a nation. Whilst National Heroes Day celebrates both known and unknown heroes, a National Heroes Committee was set up in 1995 to recommend those who should be counted as ‘National Heroes’. Following certain criteria, they found a select group of people who, they believed, should be honoured for their deeds. These were: Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Apolinario Mabini, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Sultan Dipatuan Kudarat, Juan Luna, Melchora Aquino and Gabriela Silang. 

Zoomanity Group is composed of different theme parks and Restaurants in the Philippines like Zoobic Safari, Zoocobia, Zoocolate Thrills, Paradizoo, Residence Inn, Misono Japanese Restaurant, Jinsei, Nanten, Midori and Yakitori Daitokyo. 

Zoomanity group is the leading company in theme park industry under the Yupangco Group of Companies. Envisioning world class, innovative and enjoyable facilities from Northern to Southern Philippines by providing the best tourist destination and nature educational experiences with the facilities that is uniquely design to provide enjoyment to visitors of all ages. 

For more information: www.zoomanity.com.ph and www.tagmedia.asia 
02 9170213 (Tag Media Office), 09166299381.

Book your tickets now and avail of the Buy 1 Take 1 promo! 🌈

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Moorea Seal's 52 Lists for Happiness ~ LIST #3

Another blog post I've been wanting to publish but I can't write. It was hard for me to acknowledge the things I think I do good at maybe because I grew up just going by what the people around me expect from me. I didn't know if I was doing things because I am actually good at it, I loved doing it, or if I just want to keep up with people's expectations. With a lot of time in my hands, and friends who made me realize who I am, I think I am ready to reflect on myself and appreciate it.

1. Food
I have so much love for food may it be Filipino or foreign. I remember my mama used to say she's amazed with my appreciation of food -- the smell, presentation, ingredients, and even the name of it -- everything matters to me. Whenever we eat out, there will never be a time where I don't babble on how delish the food is while savoring every bite I take. Foodgasm is real, you guys. Thus when I started living in Baguio, which is a home for a lot of luscious and heavenly food, I enjoyed a lot of food trips. I started with visiting coffee shops alone, looking for something until now I don't know. Every visit I make, I leave notes on the receipt. It's like making a mark, I was there and that cafe was a part of the n days of discovering myself. I was then a heartbroken, lost girl who dwelt in the comforts of couches and books and the smell of caffeine and then one day I just I stopped, I guess I got too busy with the load of school work I had to do. Years later I met Puy, that's where I started hopping from restaurant to another. What a refreshing feeling of visiting places this time to have fun and enjoy! We try to visit every "trending" date place or food place in town thus Mventures was born. Check them out! For the love of food, I also learned prepping yummy merienda and salads -- from pastas to other foreign recipes. My specialty and a crowd fav is a very healthy potato salad 👏 Next goal is to learn how to cook Filipino dishes! 

2. #NoHouseholdHelpNoProblem
Me and my ate were raised to be responsible ladies at home. I may be the lazy one between the two of us but overtime, I learned to do household chores plus babysit our younger sister which is now age 5. Saturdays and Sundays are our general cleaning days, both of us have our tokas and we finish before lunch. I usually sweep the floor, and clean the bathroom while Ate mops the floor, and wash Monty, our car. Sometimes, we exchange chores. On weekdays since I am still unemployed, I babysit my baby sister and make sure the room is clean before my mama and ate gets home -- bed sheets check, floor check, toys check, and all that. One unique thing I really enjoy is washing the dishes and washing my undies. I know some people who dread such but I love it. I like wasting time with the water, I found it calming plus I get to think and be on my own while I scrub and kusot the dirt as if I get rid of my problems and demons too. (Guys, what is the english of kusot?) Lastly, chores wouldn't be so tiring if you channel it as a workout. Sweat it out while cleaning the bathroom, or moping the floor. Do some squats while doing the laundry (toned arms na toned butt pa, that is if you do it probinsiya poso style 😉).

3. Reviews
I started doing reviews in Twitter where I post threads about how a product worked for me. I didn't think it will be helpful to a lot of people until friends and followers message me and tell me how they look forward to my posts and reviews. Kiligs right to the heart! 💘 Then I started opting for organic and affordahaul products to try and review, thus Affordahaul was born. My inspiration was just to share the beauty products that I've found effective and useful so other girls can try it too tapos sabay sabay tayo mag-glow up! It was also heartwarming to see other people post one by one about their holy grail make-up and skincare products. Plus this Twitter challenge "Like this and I'll post 1 beauty product that I love" came out! A total fireworks feeling that women are empowering other women into feeling and being even more beautiful. ✊👩

4. Events
I started organizing events year 2015. I became a part of the Beta Sigma Ladies Corps and among all the many things I learned was how to plan and organize projects and events. I enjoyed it a lot as all of our projects are service-oriented. My first event was a fashion show that was able to fund all other projects and sponsorships for that semester. The second event I headed was a blacklight party for the benefit of an orphanage in La Trinidad, Benguet. All the other events and projects were headed by my other ladies but was still under my supervision. This has become one of my many passion projects as I am able to help and give back to those people in need with the projects and events we hold. Of course I wouldn't reach success without the help of my ladies. That's why I owe a lot from them, without them and if it weren't for them I wouldn't know how the insides and outsides of events planning goes. I am hoping and praying that a few years from now, I've already established my own events company. 🎆

5. Senses
Another observation by my mama is that I am quite aware of my senses. I talk about how my tongue savors every bite, how I can feel my eyes focus and adjust like an SLR camera (I am near sighted and I have astigmatism), and how my ears hear the littlest bit of sounds they don't hear (or maybe I'm just that person who attracts ghosts so much because I once heard a woman crying for help outside my window). I don't know how I came to be quite observant, maybe it's just me becoming aware of my body and my everyday experiences. #CelestineProphecy

6. Appreciation
I have so much appreciation for everything. It makes my heart melt seeing beautiful pieces of art, film, people, mind, and more. I appreciate and love looking art so much, a part of our Mventures became visiting museums and art installations. It amazes me how beautiful people's hands are to be able to create something so inspiring, and uplifting, and alluring. Puy once said I have a big heart. I may say mean things when I'm mad but after that I never fail to see good in people even how hurt I've been. Some friends once said, I was that friend who's one text, one post, one tweet away. I see them tweeting they're sad, or angry and I go tweeting them the "right words they (I) needed to hear". I didn't receive much appreciation growing up and it was totally fine with me. I go day by day trying to be the best and trying to create something great out of me without really caring if people would notice or not. Sometimes I needed a little credit though, a little uplifting, a little motivation to continue doing great and best and good. I know the feeling of sometimes having to battle with your demons and your thoughts that's why I take every bit of chance I have to appreciate people and let them know how beautiful and enough they are. 🌈✨ 

This was a difficult post but hey I finally did it, right? I'm not sure if I'm really good at these things or if these are the only things I'm good at but it was nice to appreciate myself from time to time.

I wish you all never-ending rainbows and sparkles in your lives.

Share your beauty in the comments section below, I'd love to hear all of them! 🌈

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Today's episode of AffordaHAUL (which is so overdue! Sorry!) features beauty products under Php 300.00 that have been in my traincase for about 2 months already and I still swear by them!! Withour further ado, let's get started!

Black Pouches (SM Concepts - Php 50.00-Php 75.00)
First item on the list are black make-up pouches which cost me about Php 50.00-Php75.00 depending on the size and the design. I bought these way back in SM's Labor Day sale when I haven't bought my traincase yet. The pouch above cost me Php 75.00, it can fit about 10 lipsticks, or 2 Maybelline Satin Skin Foundation bottles; it even has a small mirror in it, perfect for your on-the-go make-up kit. I bought two other pouches - one where I kept my eyebrow and other pencil products (it can also double as a pencil case for school!) and a square shaped one where I kept my sponges, cotton pads and other products that come in sachets or small packets. You can use them whatever you like. These pouches were really a hit for me because (1) they are all in black!!, (2) they're quite cheap, (3) they're see-through, it was much easier going through my suitcase whenever I do my make-up, and (4) just like what I said earlier, they come in different sizes depending on the products you want to organize. *sparkle emojis* 

Ever Bilena Blend Me Sponge (Watsons - Php 200.00)
To my fellow Affordahaul freaks, here's a cheap and great dupe for the Beauty Blender! Obviously, I've already used it a couple of times and I was quite satisfied with it. It comes in different colors (I got mine in pink!), feels hard at first eventually becomes spongy once wet. It is more pricey than other dupe blenders but I can assure you that this one's not harsh at all and it feels really soft and smooth. We don't want hurting ourselves with sponges that can double as a stress ball, do we? I am quite satisfied with this but I would leave more room for future sponges that I have yet to try. Comment down below your fav dupe blenders/sponges!

Nichido Final Powder (Watsons - Php 149.00)
I know this has been all over beauty vlogs and blogs, sweared by a lot of beauty enthusiasts; it was even matched with Laura Mercier's. No surprise, it did did not disappoint. It made setting my make-up easier, especially now that I'm back in La Union where it's always humid and using spray to set my make-up feels icky, I can't distinguish if it's the spray or the sweat. *cringes* It's also good for baking your under eyes to avoid the make-up to cake, and oil. The only downside is: makalat. Be sure to always close the container properly!

 Mumuso Lip Balm (Curamed Pharmacy CYA Center - Php 100.00)
For the love of organic skincare, here's a lip balm that can keep your lips moisturized all day, especially during the cold weather. It comes in a minimalist white capsule, and a white balm too!

Purederm Argan Oil Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes (Watson - Php 79.00)
It is a little bit pricey for its worth but I've been trying to start using natural and organic beauty products so I gave this a try. Its claims are (1) gently cleanses, tones and removes make-up, (2) made of a precious blend of Argan Oil & Vitamin E to restore hydration and softness, (3) Ideal for all skin types, and (4) Paraben free. This wipes also contain Green Tea and Aloe Vera. Argan Oil is a natural moisturizer that contains high amount of Vitamin E and fatty acid that's good for the hair and the skin. The organic lover in me is screaming with ~kilig~. Do you have other organic products you want me to try?

Ponds Flawless White BB Cream (Mercury Drug - Php 299.00)
Now this is pricey but is definitely worth it. I decided to lessen my use of foundation but the LU weather makes my skin both dry and oily it doesn't really look presentable when I go out. I had to try using BB cream instead to cover up the blemishes while also giving skincare benefits! It only comes in 2 shades - light and beige. Now that's both good and bad. With 2 choices, I should be beige. But what if it's too dark and the light shade is too light? I found old reviews of this product which has been out since 2013 if I'm not mistaken. It's good that this product oxidizes well in the skin! The beige is just right for my skintone. A little amount comes a long way plus it's easy to apply, no need for a brush or a sponge. It may have a sticky finish but once it sets on the skin, you're good to go. I don't even set it with powder or spray anymore. Another thing why I totally loved this product is that it leaves a fresh no make-up look finish even after a long day. If you are a Twitter follower you would know when I tweeted, "Yung pagod ka na after a long day at ready ka ng i-end yung araw pero pagtingin mo sa salamin, pak pa din bes". Ponds BB Cream happened!

To make up for this long overdue post! I have 2 bonus products that I definitely loved and recommend too! These are gifts from Puy.

Taiwan False Eyelashes (Shopee - Php 75.00 each)
I first discovered Taiwan lashes during my graduation yearbook photoshoot, the make-up artist sold me a pair for Php 100.00! Grabe teh! I didn't know it was this cheap then; its quality deserves a hundred indeed. A box contains 10 pairs making that Php7.50 per pair! Its lightweight and natural-looking! Just duuuuh-best lashes there is. (I still have to ask help from Puy or my big sis in putting them though 😁

Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask (Porta Vaga - Php 70.00)
I've said it earlier, I'll say it again. For the love of skincare!!! I love that their masks come in different extracts, I've already tried the blackberries and manuka honey ones and my golly did my skin became bright and smooth. The mask is infused with a lot of extract you have a lot to put on your neck, elbows and knees too. The masks give a dewy, fresh look perfect after a long day of make-up on your face, or  for the next day no make-up look!

That's all for today's episode of my AffordaHAUL series. 😃 I hope you get to try the products and let me know what you think about them. 

Don't forget to leave product suggestions/recommendations in the comment box below! 🌈