Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mventures: Fork N' Dagger

It's been a while since I last posted and I am sorry for that. It was just quite a tough ride being exposed to the adult work with all the hustle and bustle of the work industry. I have been to so many places while I was away and yes I promise to blog all about them soon. I also have some queued personal posts about My List of Happiness and various topics that are close to my heart but I don't think they're ready yet. 

Short life update: I quit my SEO job. Not that I wasn't happy with it, I really am fulfilled by working with the SEO industry but I just felt like there's a place somewhere out of my little nook where I can enhance further and discover myself.  The craft really amazes me. I swear I can never look at Google the same way again because of that job. Websites, pages, and the whole social media looked different to me since I joined the industry and I will be forever grateful for having experienced such an amazing pursuit. After I left my job, I was completely lost and confused as to where to go. I was that girl who's in search of a job that (1) feeds my passion, (2) has room for opportunities and excitement, and of course, (3) pays well. And who would have known? I landed a job as a teacher! I am currently an instructor for the International English Language Test or IELTS which is an examination for those who wish to go to abroad either to study, work, or migrate. The examination is conducted by IDP, British Council, and the University of Cambridge. At last, I felt satisfied with where I am because I am passionate with what I do, I have brilliant workmates, and I have a lot of room to shine and learn. That's the thing with me, I never want to stop. I am always yearning for something new to discover, to develop, to cherish, and to appreciate. I think with where I am now, I won't have to worry about looking for THE job and saving up money in order to live. I still have so many dreams to pursue and places I want to see, but for now I guess I would stay here for a while and savour what great things this job has to offer. 

On to the Mventure! I am one of those younger generations in UPB where Nevada Square don't sound familiar to us anymore. Whenever Puy talks about her misadventures on Nevada nights, (or Fridays? i forgot, woops), I am always left with an imagination of how the area was maybe once like what the The Camp is now. I've passed by the area once in a while but I never really did went around the compound. So one day after work, Puy took me to Nevada Square! We were too early for the The Eves exhibit in Old Baguio Boys, an art exhibit featuring the lady artists of the Tam-awan Village, so we stopped by at Fork N' Dagger first!

We were welcomed by a live band and both a fresh and romantic sight. I guess the lights and the interior did the trick. For a person like me who hates small spaces, I loved how the place is of big glass windows! It's neat, and simple but is still striking. I did not like the seats near the wall though since the seat is too narrow for me and I tend to slip AND since I'm short, I can't really reach the floor - it was uncomfy. Nevertheless, their tables and chairs are fine. ✌

I have to say, the minimalist light fixtures has been quite a cool trend with cafes and restaurants lately, most especially the ones enclosed in geometric frames!

Looks quite simple but this Pork & Herb Mushroom is complete bombdigs. The meat was cooked just enough for it to be tender, and juicy. It wasn't undercooked, and it wasn't so hard as well. I'm wondering what could their marinate recipe be? 

I was badly craving for nachos for weeks and good thing this place has one! Php 160 for Nachos sounded really expensive but when I saw how large the serving was and how damn delicious it was, no more complaints! I finished this all by myself. Their nachos was a mix of beef, tortilla chips, salsa, cheddar cheese, mozarella, and lettuce  plus the heavenly ranch dressing! I didn't know lettuce could be paired with nachos!

I wish we were more starving and rich to afford to order more from the menu. The table next to us ordered buffalo wings and I can't help but wonder in awe how sexy the plating was and how hot and scrumptious it could be. I definitely promise to update this blog once we have the chance to visit again. Oh good! I would have an excuse to spend because your girl's turning 21 this Saturday! 🎈



A bit pricey for a student but it's worth it 👍

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Although, the place was quite busy when we came so we sometimes have to wait a little bit before we get noticed. 


Over-all Rating

No. 2 Green Water Road, Baguio City 2600
Behind Nevada Square. Pass through the steps beside LockedIn.

Contact Number: 09176810056

Facebook page:

 This place really stabbed me in the heart, and the stomach! 

Ahhhhh. No regrets for my bigger belly. 'Til next time! 🦄

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Mventures: Ball Pit Manila

I took a little side trip to Ball Pit Manila when I went to the Upside Down Museum (sorry Mama). It was only about 15 minutes away and would I waste the once in a blue moon chance to travel to Manila? Nope, of course.

How to get there from the Upside Down Museum:
1. Take a cab. 😁 I was all cabs during my stay. I wasn't very familiar with the jeepneys' routes. 
My GrabShare cost around Php80-90 only. 
2. Ball Pit Manila is located at 2nd Flr, Campos Rueda Building, 101 Urban Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

Entrance Fee: 
Book online: Php 299 + 1 free drink
Walk in: Php 325
Business Hours: Weekdays 11 am - 5 pm
Requirement! Clean socks

Be sure to book your appointment ahead of time because this place is always full plus + you'll get to save 8% and will get a free drink of your choice!

On to the childhood reminiscing!! When I was a kid, we used to go to this McDonald's branch in La Union where they have a play area and a little dome filled with balls. Me and my sister would spend hours there, we won't even want to eat. Other kids will jump and crash with us deep down the pile of plastic balls. It was always a fun place to look forward to until they had a renovation and got rid of it. I don't think any fast food restaurant has that play area anymore since there are a lot of play areas available in malls. My baby sister's favorite? Playmates and Kid Zania. 

They have mats and pillows for guests who wish to hang out and rest from the ball pit. They also have cards and other games to play with! 

Aside from the walk-in customers and booked ones, they also cater to team buildings, pre-nuptial and other photoshoots, and parties. Whatever gimik that is, they can make you unleash your (wild) child side!

This play pen has a whooping number of 8,000 balls inside!
 The child in me is pumped up...(and the adult in me is relaxed). A perfect way to reminisce my childhood indeed. I know my Ate will be thrilled to be here!

Buttercup had playtime too! 

I would forever cherish this quick get-aways from when you can't figure your life out. For a very long time, I've been yes and no and yes no to different things I need to decide on and want to achieve. I've been feeling really better lately, thinking that everything is falling into its right place. I landed a job which I love so much, got back to my Baguio love, and have exciting things happening on Margaux the Unicorn! (Watch out for my life update!)

Thank you Ball Pit Manila! It was both a relaxing and fun adventure! 'Til more Mventures with you!

Book your adventure now at the 
biggest ball pit for adults in the PH! 🌈

Friday, August 25, 2017

Mventures: Upside Down Museum

How to get there from Baguio:
1. Ride a Victory Liner, Genesis, or Joy Bus bus going to Pasay. The fare would cost about Php 450.
2. From the Pasay terminal, you can take a cab or book Grab. We booked a GrabShare which cost us Php 108 from Victory Liner Pasay Terminal to Upside Down Museum. It took around 20 minutes.
*pro tip: You can link your visa card for payment!
3. The museum is quite near to the then Boom Boom grounds and is just beside Star City. When you're riding the Ferris wheel outside, you'll definitely see the museum just below you. (yes take that side trip!)

Entrance Fee: Php 500
Open at: Tuesday-Sunday 11 am - 9 pm, Holidays


It was raining when we got there. When we thought we could wander around the streets of Manila and savor the sunlight! Total bummer! When I got inside, their front desk staff were very friendly and welcoming. They have a staff to assist you throughout your stay in the museum. I forgot to ask my guide's name but he was really helpful and patient with suggesting poses and taking pictures. 

My stay was quite fun and a bit tiring since it was a little bit hot. I don't know if I was just used to the cold weather of Baguio or their air conditioning is low. Nevertheless, I came for their set-ups and they didn't disappoint! They were are all amazing and brilliant. I was always in awe whenever Kuya shows me the pictures he's taken (and he's kind enough to rotate it for me already). See for yourself in the pictures below! Thank you so much Upside Down Museum for inviting me! 

Peaches, baby

Sun's out in Sahara

I was levitating!

And doing some floor tricks...

Always falling in love with the city, always coming back to my first love 🌄

Me as a wife in the future: Breakfast is served!

No household help, no problem


Your office mama, with class. Stress ain't gonna bring me down.

Photobooth Sesh

Where's the cops?

That's it for today's ep of Mventures! You guys should visit them and have your world turned literally upside down! 🌈